Our meals are freshly prepared on the premises by our excellent chef, who takes an active role within the nursery. We regularly consult children on their likes/dislikes and encourage healthy eating. Parents comment that their child’s diet has improved during their time at nursery.

A breakfast, mid morning snack, two course lunch and afternoon snack are provided. Weekly menus are displayed for your information. All dietary needs are catered for.

Click here to see an example menu, and another one here

Also, check our Food Standards Agency rating here

And, here’s what some parents said…

“My son isn’t the greatest eater but he appears to eat more in nursery than he does at home.”
March 2010

“The food is fantastic. I am not a very good cook so knowing that Heath is eating a wide variety of healthy food is brilliant.”
February 2011

“I think it helps my children to sit with other children and see them eating a wide range of food.”
July 2011

“A wide range of food is freshly prepared on the premises and my children have eaten dishes and combinations of food which they had not experienced prior to coming to nursery.”
October 2011

“The menus and snacks are always tasty and the variety is excellent. She eats well and we know that it’s prepared daily which is great.”
May 2012

“It is very much appreciated that the food/meals are home cooked. This was one of the main reasons for choosing Berwick Road Day Nursery.”
March 2013

“There is always a good mix of healthy food with little treats. The breakfast which is now available is a help also.”
March 2013